Hello Beautiful Souls! 


So much has been happening at Live Free with Sheri!
Finally finished the redesign of my website and I have updated and added so much awesome new stuff. 
I’m so pumped!!

Check out my FREE trainings!
5 Days to Freedom and Feeling Fabulous PLUS my 7 Day Kickstart!

I have brand spanking new coaching programs and I added Yoga for Skype.
Everyone has been asking for this, so I’m super pumped to be able to finally offer it.

This has been a labor of love let me tell you. Just like in life we change and evolve.
My business has done the exact same thing.
The more trainings I take the more I can share.
The more I move through in life the more experiences I can share.

I’m so blessed to be on this path. 
My work, my clients, my team fills my heart with so much JOY!
I wake up daily full of gratitude and so honored to be able to serve you.

If you’re new here I WELCOME YOU!
Have fun and reach out if you have any questions

To living Healthy, Fearless & Free.

Do You Pamper Yourself?


Do you take time for yourself? 
What is your To-Do list filled with?
Things you love or things your dread?

To be clear I know we can’t pamper ourselves everyday, BUT we can definitely honor our self-care in some way. By going for a walk, doing yoga, paying attention to how we eat, are we hydrating, or a wonderful salt bath in the evening before bed.

Take some time to journal before going to bed. 
A good brain dump is healthy, PLUS you’ll sleep better.
Oh Yes! Then sleep! Are you getting enough?

We can’t change our lives overnight, but we sure can add in things here and there. 
Remember… When you’re rested, refreshed, and feeling happy and healthy you can serve the world and everyone around you on a much higher level.

Let your light shine and shine bright! 

To living Healthy, Fearless & Free! 



I often have to laugh that as a society we’ll fill our systems with processed and fast food and don’t think anything of it.
We’ll consume massive amounts of sugar, caffeine and alcohol likes it our job.

But… As soon as we’re offered something healthy or we need to create change we become researchers.
I know… Sounds so silly, but it’s so true!

My point to this is just pay attention to how you fuel your body.
Look at your food as medicine.
Eat as much organic as possible.
Eat more greens and veggies.
Try something new. 
New spices and seasonings, even a new recipe.
Let your food excite you.
Make it a family affair. 

I loved getting in the kitchen as a kid with my dad and learning how to cook.
It was awesome.
To this day cooking and creating new dishes is my passion.
I keep it fresh and fun.

Fuel your body with healthy,whole foods and you’ll also fuel your mind and spirt.

Live Free!


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