Day 3 Five Days to Freedom & Feeling Fabulous

What’s Your Why and Why Do You Want it?

Today we’re going to talk about your “Why?”.

Why do you want to do this thing? Why did you set the goals in the first place?

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Some people set goals because it seems like the right thing to do.
They think they should want it.

You need to understand why you want this so badly.

Because, when you know that, you’ll be ready when you run into the things that can sabotage your progress. When you know your why deep down in your gut, you will not let yourself quit.

My “Why?” used to scare me and intimidate me to share. I finally had to realize… It’s my story. It’s who I am. It’s what allows me to show up and share my light with the world.

Ask yourself, “Why?” then ask yourself, “Why?” again and get to the deepest most meaningful why. The core of your being. 

Your reasons should be so personal to who you are that they should almost make you cry. Just like setting those BIG goals!! 

That’s when you know you got to your real reason. Get to the point where you are so passionate, or angry, or fired up that you can say, “Damn it, I’m doing this because I deserve it!”

You do deserve it.

This is your goal.

It’s your life.

It will change your life.

You will feel free.

You will feel fabulous.

You must identify your “Why?”.

On a piece of paper, write your goal on the top.

Under your goal, write, “Why do I want this?”

Answer that question. Ask yourself again, “And why do I want that?”

Then ask yourself, “How would my life change when I accomplish that?”

Write out what’s different about your life. Then write out, “How would I feel about myself when I achieve this goal?” Is it pride? Is it confidence?

Take the paper from day one, the one that had all of those excuses written all over it. Replace that paper with this one, so that you will be reminded of your WHY throughout the day.

How’s that for motivation?

Are you starting to feel fearless and free?

Remember to treat yourself with love and compassion EVERY SINGLE day!

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Can’t wait to see you on Day 4! You’re doing Amazing!

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