Day 5 Five Days to Freedom & Feeling Fabulous

Motivate, Motivate, Motivate

We all have different reasons to be motivated. Maybe it’s part of your DNA, maybe it’s your history, maybe it’s just your personality type that gets you moving.

Some of us are inspired by money, recognition or fame.

Some of us really want to help others and that’s what inspires you.

You know what? It doesn’t really matter what your primary motivator is.

Go with it!

Sometimes, we can all be a little petty. We’re not 100% kind and gracious at every moment if we’re entirely honest with ourselves. You might even be a little embarrassed by what motivates you. What if you want revenge or to make your boyfriend or girlfriend regret dumping you?

I don’t care what it is that motivates you, honor that. It’s OK!! 

What Motivates… Motivates.

This is no time to pretend to be anything other than what and who you are. You’re a great person. If you have a little bit of a petty desire to show off your new bikini or your great new job, no biggie. We’re human. Harness the power of anything that will get you moving towards your goal. Claim Your Power! 

It may not sound real noble to you, but be real for a minute.

Once I had enough… I really had enough!

I don’t know what your enough moment is, but don’t judge it, even if it’s not something you’re really proud of, if it gets you moving, it gets you moving. We all want to create radical shifts. We’re looking to create that unlimited happiness we all desire and deserve. That’s OK!! 

Love yourself unconditionally, treat yourself with compassion and know change is right around the corner.

For five days straight, you’ve been creating radical change. You’ve been showing up for yourself.

You’re already making progress.

Now keep that going!!

As you move forward towards your goal, I want you to consider the people you surround yourself with.

Are they improving your motivation or are they pulling you down?

If your friends are not helping you reach your goals, I would like you to consider backing off for a while.

Give yourself the gift of surrounding yourself with people who want the best for you and who encourage you to reach your goals.

I’m also going to encourage you to listen to positive things like this video series on a regular basis.

Go back and revisit this series as many times as you would like.

Share it with your friends.

We’ve had five days together, and I look forward to working together more.

I’m really excited that this is the start of our relationship.

I can’t wait to hear your story about what these five days sparked and the things you were able to do and how you changed your life and how you impacted the lives of others.

Keep reaching out. You can message me through FB or use the contact button below. 

I’m excited to continue to work with you! Thank you for spending these five days with me and I’ll see you soon.

To living Fabulous, Fearless, & Free!

Massive Love~

Sheri Matthews

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