Don’t worry… no one’s judging here!!!

When I enrolled into my 200-hr yoga teacher training in 2010 the first day we had to go around and say why we signed up for training. I said “I’m addicted to Food Network and I need to make a change in my life! This training is for me!”

In 2005 sitting home on a cold winter weekend I put on Food Network and it was love at first sight. Not only did I find out about the most f*ing unbelievable kitchen accessory… Drum Roll Please… I love you Dutch Oven!! You had Paula, Giada, Ina, Emeril, Guy and my all-time favorite Tyler Florence. I got to meet Tyler a few years back and let me tell you… he’s just as sexy in person! The way he cooks… so rustic and layered… every single bite full of savory goodness. Every occasion soon became Tyler Thanksgiving, Tyler Christmas, Tyler Super Bowl… you name it, I cooked it Tyler style!!

I have always been a lover of food and an emotional eater. It didn’t matter if I was happy, sad, pissed off, anxious, the holidays… you name it… I would eat! Not only would I eat, I would eat to the point of feeling sick, lethargic, and sad. I knew these patterns had to change… so I got back on my yoga mat full-time, completed my 200-hr teacher training and made myself a priority. Fast forward a few years… I’ve completed my 500-hours of yoga training, become a nutrition & wellness coach, started a business, and I am currently in my 800-hour yoga therapeutic program.

We learn from the struggles, challenges, addictions and all the shit we’re put through in life. It defines us and makes us who we are. We can learn to love the things that love us back. Whether it’s movement for our bodies, what we fuel our bodies with, how we breathe, or accepting the things we cannot change, LOVE every inch of yourself from head to toe!!! Cook your ass off if you want… splurge a little (I still do), but also take time to be mindful of how you treat yourself.

Peace, Love and Namaste!

Love & Gratitude,



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