Listen Goddesses … This is it right here!! I know you want to help people — that’s why you wanted to start a business. I get it! 

If you are like me, when you started, you had no idea how to stand out online.

You thought maybe you’d get some social media accounts and people would just follow you and hire you.

And now you are realizing that there is a little more to it then that. 

If you have something to share/give/say/do — it’s your job to get it in front of the people who need it.

It’s your job to make it possible for your clients to find you one + stand out to them once they do.

>>> Good News: God did not make you boring. Amen… Right?!!

You have something to say, a message to teach, a gift to give, a lesson to share. I know you do. 

You have something unique that the world needs. 

The key is standing out while still being yourself. 

The key is becoming a brand that is recognizable and identifiable and fun to follow. 

The key is showing up bolding and presenting your authentic truth and strategically crafting a vibe, style, and voice that allows people to get to know you and want to hire you. 

Once you learn to operate by an Authentic Branding Strategy, this whole online business thing gets a whole lot easier. 

My girl, Amanda Frances, is a genius at authentic branding. She has grown a business that’s on track to earn over $500k this year. She has become a brand that is followed by tens of thousands of women entrepreneurs online and she can teach you to do the same. 

She is generous with her work; When you enroll in one of her courses, she shows up for you, shares everything she knows, and repetitively over delivers. 

Her digital course, Boss Lady Branding, is a whole new take on branding. #itssogood

Your brand is not something you create. Your brand is something you become. 

The key is falling in love with yourself, owning your truth, sharing it boldly and strategically getting it to the masses. 

The 2016 Class of Boss Lady Branding is Now Enrolling. 

>>> When you sign up with my unique link: http://livefreewithsheri.com/BLSP
I’m super excited to give you access to my Discover Your Zen 5-Week Meditation Course PLUS a One Hour Live Free Coaching Session. 

This is my strength, passion and love! Meditation, mindfulness, yoga, wellness and lifestyle. It lights me up and Amanda helped me get clear on and how to share my brand authentically. 

>>> This offer is only available until 11/2. This is the first time Boss Lady Branding has been open in over a year!! 

I would not miss out on this!! 

Get noticed. Get followed. Get paid. This is your time: http://livefreewithsheri.com/BLSP


Love & Gratitude,

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