Let’s get ready for a successful week!

Today were going to discuss… How to Chill the Heck Out Using your Breath!

Are you that person at the traffic light that as soon as the light turns green you’re already honking at the person in front of you? If so, I’m not judging!! We just need to ask ourselves… Why do we react like that? What’s the hurry? 

Do you automatically respond right away as soon as you get an email that fires you up without taking a breath and digesting what just happened? I used to be so guilty of that, and once that nasty email is off in cyber space it’s like… Oh Sh*t! No turning back!

I’m going to talk about Pranayama (Breathwork) today and give you two go-to and simple resources to get you through those tense situations.

Here are my two tips and techniques:
1) Focus on lengthening your inhales and exhales. Breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth.  Think about 4 to 6 counts on the inhale, pause for a breath or two and completely let out your whole entire exhale 4 to 6 counts. Repeat a minimum of three minutes. Feel free to go longer if you like. 

2) Left Nostril Breathing. By plugging off your left nostril with your thumb or pointer and index finger, focus on lengthening the breath… 4 to 6 counts in… pause… 4 to 6 counts out. Only focus on the breath flowing in and out the left side. This is a calming, cooling and reflective breath. Repeat a minimum of three minutes. Feel free to go longer if you like. 

We all want to find balance, cultivate joy and find peace in our daily life. Incorporate this simple breath work and allow that to happen. It’s so important to practice being non-reactive.

Wellness Warriors, I leave you with this and I hope you enjoy your week. Hopefully you can chill the heck out!
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Do something that lights you up this week!

Love & Gratitude,

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