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Wouldn’t you love to have more positive, productive and energetic employees in your workplace? How about your employees feeling less stressed, having improved energy, a positive attitude and fewer sick days.

Live Free with Sheri will bring awareness and education to your front door. Health care is on the rise, and depending on your healthcare plan or how many employees you have, these costs typically get passed on to the employees. By creating a wellness program for your employees that trains and encourages them, they will have the tools to thrive and begin to live happier and healthier lives. Unfortunately, our health tends to take a back seat due to long hours in the office, long commutes to and from work, drive thru windows, and caring for our families. By offering wellness programs to your employees this provides them the opportunity to find some balance, improve their health and confidence, increase mental focus, improve their energy, have fewer sick days and feel amazing about themselves. Empower your employees!

We can customize your company’s wellness programs / coaching programs / mindfulness workshops/seminars / and yoga classes that can include movement, mediation and breath work. Here are just a few options listed below.

Yoga/Movement- onsite classes… weekly, bi-weekly or monthly classes… yoga at your events and conferences… yoga at your retreat… meditation… breath work… chair yoga… yoga at your desk.

 “Meditation can create more success and improve your career. It will bring to your day-to-day life: decreased stress, improved health, better eating habits, and increased focus.”
-Success Through Stillness, Russell Simmons


Coaching Workshops and Seminars- we can create a series of workshops or seminars… half-day or full-day intensives… Topics ranging from Mindfulness in the Workplace… Jump into Transformation… Busting Through Your Blocks.

Here is an excellent article on… How a Wellness Program Can Help Your Business’s Bottom Line.

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