I have created something special for you that I am very excited to share! 

It’s my Live Free Cyber Monday Special!


Here’s what you get:

* 3 Skype Yoga Sessions (this is 3 Private Sessions with Mwah)
* Discover Your Zen (5-week Meditation Course)
* Miracle Mindset Kickstart (12 Day Self Love & Wellness Kickstart)

To break this down for you, my beautiful friends here goes:

* 3 Skype Yoga Session to be used within 45 days.
I will work with you one on one. This is great if your brand new to yoga or even if you have an established yoga practice. I will help you create a sequence that works for your body, and that will also be fun, safe, and effective.
You will also have a Free Consultation before we begin.


* Discover Your Zen is a 5-Week Meditation Course.
If you’re brand new to meditation then you will LOVE this. This will be your go-to for sure. This course will teach you everything you need to know to fall in love with meditation as well as create an established meditation practice. This course you will do it at your own pace and have access to it forever. 

What you will learn:
How to get in touch with your inner-self.
Create spiritual growth and let go of ideas and beliefs that do not serve you.
Understand meditation and its versatility.
Create a personal meditation practice.
Breathing exercises for improved energy, controlled mind, better focus, and dealing with stress.
Create personal Mantras to encourage self-love, confidence and healing.
How to let go of fear and learn to live the life you were meant to.
How to feel free in your mind and body.
I am not going to tell you which methods to use in your daily meditations, but encourage you to keep an open mind and experiment with styles that are new to you.
You will learn all about fitting meditation into your daily life.
You will learn about tools, which may aid you in deepening your meditation.
You will learn to use meditation to combat stress and your body will thank you for it.


* Miracle Mindset Kickstart is awesome!
In 12 days you’ll experience what it feels like to create a mind, body, spirit connection through wellness, nutrition, movement and so much more.

You will get:
Preparation package with everything you need to get started.
Delicious recipes.
Eloquent, complete day-by-day approach that will keep you on track, through the excitement and challenges of your daily program.
Daily meal planning guide with nutritious, wholefood options.
12-day supported kickstart schedule.
Goal-setting activities.
Self-Care and Self-Love tips and tools.

You will also learn:
Effective ways to release toxins.
How to shop healthy & confidently.
Incorporating the best superfoods into your body.
How to spiritually cleanse without deprivation or hunger.
How primary foods affect your health.
Travel tips during your kickstart.
Motivational techniques & visualizations.

This is a $600 dollar value all for the low price of $197! 

Let’s start December off right and finish the New Year strong!


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