Don’t you love DIY? I do! I’m always looking for fun and inexpensive ways to create new things that actually serve an awesome purpose. 

So… Why not have some fun and make it yourself. 

Essential Oils have become a huge part of my life over the past year. Even though I’m still learning A LOT… I’m fascinated each and every day by the multiple uses they really do have.

I never really understood or knew the difference between low grade oils and high grade oils, or higher quality. Let me tell you… There’s a huge difference.

I often get asked why I chose Young Living.
Well, after doing a lot of research Young Living spoke to me. The quality of the oils, what the company stands for, and their Seed to Seal process. It’s more than a process. It’s their promise to deliver powerful products that are true to nature.

The meaning of this is coming in another blog. Don’t worry! 

Today I just want to share with you a fun, quick DIY Car Vent Diffuser.

So here goes… You Ready?!

What you need:
* 1 Clothespin
* Wood Glue
* Raw Wood, Cork Embellishments, or even Felted Balls (this is easy and my fav) Cotton balls even work if you’re in a pinch! LOL! 
* 5 Drops of your Favorite Essential. I love Peppermint, Lavender, Purification, & Stress Away.

DIY Directions:
Glue on embellishments to your liking on your clothespin. Allow to fully dry. 

Directions for Use:
Apply essential oil to cork, raw wood, or felted balls and click the clothespin onto air vent. Run your air as normal based on your desired temperature. This can also work well for hotel rooms or vacation rentals. Clip onto the air conditioner outflow vent and run air to freshen the room. 

So there you have it! Super easy and fun to make. You can do this at a party or with the family. Have fun. Get creative with your essential oils scents, let life smell delicious and be as toxic and stress free as possible.

For more information about oils just contact me directly.

I would be happy to answer any questions. Oils have seriously changed my life and my ultimate goal is to live my life as toxic free as possible.

To living free and oiling!


Love & Gratitude,

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