Are ready to conquer your addiction so you can start living the life you desire. This is for motivated women who are looking for a healthy, supportive and uplifting solution to overcome addiction but wants something different than your traditional 12-step program. Do you struggle with food, alcohol, or love addiction and feel you have nowhere to turn? There IS a light at the end of the tunnel! You WILL feel alive and free again! This is a pathway to overcoming your addiction so you may start living a happy, healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Are you suffering from an addiction that is affecting your relationships, career, pocketbook or health?

You’ve repeatedly told yourself over and over that you could stop your addictive behaviors on your own, but deep down you know it’s a lie and you can’t.

Do you start every day off with negative thoughts, self-sabotage, feeling frustrated and overwhelmed?

Then this course is for you!






Because of my daily commitment to my life, my health, and my business, it’s allowed me to show up bigger and bolder in the world and share what I’m deeply passionate about.

Healing and recovery can be a scary process, but life changing, empowering and beautiful. I understand the fear, anxiety, and stress that goes along with trying to create positive change in your life. The uncertainty of giving things up that we have been doing for so long. 

Trust Me… It Will Get Better.

We have these amazing tools right at our fingertips. You just need to know what they are, how to utilize them in your recovery process to create a positive flow in your life, and be ready to do some incredible deep work.

This is so good! You can enjoy this process, really dig deep, do some deep work, and finally start to feel Fearless and Free. Free of guilt, shame, anxiety, worry, fear, and stress.

I Am Going To Show You How To Do This




Ask Yourself These Few Questions:

– Are You Tired of the Voice in the Back of Your Mind Telling You That you Can’t Change?

– Does Recovery Scare You Because You are Afraid of Failure?

– Do You Desire to Create Real, Lasting Change in Your Life, but You Don’t Because You’re Afraid of What Others Might Think?

– Are You So Ready For Change in Your Life, You Just Can’t Stand it Any Longer?

– Do You Feel You Have a Problem and Need Help, But You Don’t Want a 12-Step Program?

If You Answered “Yes” to Any of These Above YOU Are In the Right Place.

Week One: Don’t Judge Yourself

– Acknowledge Your Addiction

– Retrain Your Brain… Say Good-Bye to Negative Thoughts

– Why Practicing Gratitude is a Huge Part of Recovery

– Create Daily Practices


Week Two: Staying Motivated

– Managing Your Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors

– Coping With Temptations and Urges

– Enhancing and Maintaining Motivation

– Meditation Techniques and Tools

– Mantras and How to Use Them


Week Three: You’re Amazing

– Focus on Living a Balanced Life

– Forgiving Yourself

– Ditch the Self-Sabotage

– Self-Care and Self-Love


Week Four: Let’s Take Inventory

– Reflection of the Past Three Weeks

– How to Get the Most Out of Your Tools and Resources So Far

– How to Stay Committed to Your Recovery and Daily Practices

– Embracing the Shifts


Week Five: Embracing the Journey

– A New Self-Perception

– Value Your Self-Worth

– Recovering Your Identity

– Becoming Your True YOU

– Mastering Your Confidence


Week Six: Let’s Have Some Fun

– Yoga and Meditation… The Power Behind Them

– Yamas and Niyamas (8 limbs of yoga)… Learn How to Incorporate these Spiritual Principles Into Your Life

– The Importance of the Breath… This is a Game Changer

– Nutrition and How it Plays a Huge Role in Recovery


Week Seven: Love Yourself

– Body Image

– Relationships

– Healing the Body

– Loving Yourself From the Inside/Out


Week Eight: Your New Life Begins

– Embrace Your Recovery

– How to Stay Committed to Your Recovery

– How to Keep Recovery and Healing Fresh and Fun

– What’s Next and Why It’s Going to Be So Good

This Eight-Week Course has been set up online for you!

When you sign up, you will gain automatic access to the private members only area containing the content for week one!

Check your email!

You will receive an email with directions to access the content each week for eight weeks.

– Audio/Video Recordings for Each of the Eight Weeks
– Two Weekly Live Q&A Calls
– Unlimited Replays
– Weekly Fun Assignments
– Fearless and Free Formula Private FaceBook Group

– Weekly Meditations
– Weekly Mantras
– Weekly Affirmations







Hi! I’m Sheri Matthews!

I am beyond excited about this offer! Addiction and recovery is near and dear to me and I’m so passionate about teaching and sharing this course with you. It is my intention for you to embrace this journey, let go of your addictive behavior, and find balance and peace in your recovery. This will completely change your life.

Stepping out of your comfort zone can be very scary, but letting go of the things that do not serve us any longer and becoming who we truly want to become is so empowering. It’s time to ditch the fear, worry, anxiety, and stress associated with addiction once in for all.

Once you acknowledge your addictive behaviors and embrace the shifts you need to make to focus on your recovery this will change your life, your career, and your business. So many times we get stuck because we are afraid to acknowledge our problem and too scared to fix it. It’s time to let go of the fear, begin to feel supported, and start living a life you love.

Trust me… You can do this! But, you don’t have to do it alone. That’s what I’m here for!

I’m constantly doing my own personal work, digging deep, facing my fears, and always open to create change so I can live a life I love, desire and deserve.

I want the exact same thing for you. Start living a life free of addiction, free of fear, and a life you love. Recovery is a beautiful things my friends. I want you to feel loved and supported during this journey. Start living Fearless and Free. Let’s do this!

I’m so excited and so honored to be able to teach and share this course with you. It will be life changing for you!

I know it will impact your life in a positive and uplifting way. You will finally be able to live Fearless and Free.

If you are ready to create radical change, make huge shifts, and embrace your recovery, sign up below.

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