Happy Monday Self-Love and Wellness Tribe! A little Monday Motivation is the best way to start the week off!

Staying committed to your fitness and wellness path can be overwhelming. The outside world challenges us and gives us so many opportunities to lose track of the big picture. We have our families, work commitments, and the never ending to-do list. The first thing that gets lost in the shuffle is typically our fitness and wellness goals.

How many of you bought a gym membership in January? Maybe you wanted to try out yoga and bought a monthly pass. If so, how many of you have only been once or twice?
Hey… Guess What… I get it… and I’m not judging!! 

My fitness routine has always been a huge part of my life. No matter how I felt… If I was hung-over, 30+ pounds overweight, at my best weight, eating right, or eating like crap, I’ve still never given up on my fitness. What has changed for me over the past few years is my schedule. I wasn’t able to get to my group classes as much, nor my favorite yoga studio. I had to find some other way to stay committed to my fitness and make the time to do it.

Over the years I’ve loved doing Beachbody programs. My first one was P90x, then Insanity. Now the list goes on and on. The awesome thing is, over the past year or so two of my favorite yoga instructors put out these amazing DVD sets as well. So, I’ve had many options to get my fitness in, while being in the comfort of my own home.

What I love about at-home fitness programs is, you get a calendar of how you should do the program. Some programs are 5 days, and some might be 6 or 7. What I love about the calendar is the accountability factor. It makes me stay accountable and I become a bit competitive with myself, because I don’t want to miss a day. This is what makes it fun!

With yoga programs you can expect to commit 60 minutes or a bit longer, and you want that with yoga. With the Beachbody programs the way they have changed, now you’re looking at 30 minutes or maybe a bit longer for a few videos. At the end of the day we all have 30 minutes to commit to our health and well-being. Hell, we spend that on social media alone.

The other thing I love about all these at-home fitness programs is they all come with a well designed nutrition plan. How Kick Butt is that? Not only do you get a great workout, you also get an easy to follow nutrition plan to take the guess work out of it. We really have NO excuses on why we can’t get fit, eat right and feel AMAZING! 

At the end of the day we all want to feel incredible. We want to have more energy, show up a better person for our families, be more productive, stay positive, kick ass and take names.

Embrace your fitness and wellness path. Explore new things. Try new programs. Get creative in the kitchen. Get your family involved. Live Healthy, Feel Fearless, and Be Free!

Have a beautiful week!


Love & Gratitude,



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