Week Five: Discovering the New You and Making the Shifts

“There will never be a situation that can’t be improved by the addition of one deep breath.”
~ Bryan E. Wright

As you wrap up your last week in the course, I want you to take a moment and really be proud of what you have accomplished. Meditation can be simple, but not easy. It’s a practice like anything else. It takes work and commitment, but that’s when we see results.

For this last week we get to discuss another one of my favorite things and that’s Yoga. You will be shown yoga postures you can incorporate into your daily routine. We also get to dive into the Chakras. If learning about the Chakras is new, have some fun with this. They are so cool.

Stay motivated, focus on having a positive attitude, stay present and embrace the new you! Life is so good and I want you to love your new practice FOREVER!

Let your meditation practice bring you HUGE SUCCESS in your life, your business and your career!


Please Enjoy Week Four’s Audio and Guided Meditation.

Audio – Week Five


Guided Meditation

Discover Your Zen Resources:

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Daily Modules:

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Fun Homework:

+  Stick to focusing on your goals.
+  Explore some yoga postures
+  Study the Chakras… at your own pace.
+  Stay present and focused.
+  Embrace change and keep your positive attitude.


Use these throughout the day and week to shift your thoughts and feelings. Use them as a tool to stay present and focused. You can choose just one and use if for the week, or you can use a different one each day. I love to have a few to use throughout the day. See what feels good and speaks to you.

+  I am healing my mind and body from the inside out.
+  Healing happens with each breath I take.
+  I am letting go of fear. I love myself. I am living fearless and free.
+  Today I focus on the positive things in my life.
I am a Spiritual Rock Star.

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