Hello Beautiful Souls!

Welcome to Week Four of May Cause Miracles. We have already covered so much great information. I just absolutely love this journey. This week is another breakthrough topic. This week is about relationships. I know… A biggie!

When we don’t have peace in our relationships and they are run based off of fear, all kinds of yucky feelings and emotions come up. This can be jealously, judgment, anger, and resentment.

Here is a breakdown of how this week will flow:
Day 22- Witness Your Ego’s Special Illusions
Day 23- Be Willing To Turn Your Ego Over To Your ~Ing
Day 24- Kindness Created Me Kind
Day 25- Be Grateful For the Purpose of the Relationship
Day 26- F Everyone
Day 27- Miraculous Relationships
Day 28- Reflect and Prepare

Stay connected in the FaceBook Group. Ask questions at anytime. Embrace where you’re at in this journey.

Live call will be Thursday at 8:30pm EST. The call information will be posted in the group.

Let’s have a great week!!


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