Hello Miracle Workers!

I hope you enjoyed Week One. We are just getting started.

Welcome to Week Two of May Cause Miracles. This week is all about a New Self-Perception. It’s about self-love. It’s about letting go of what’s blocking you.

Here is what Week Two has in store for you:
Day 8- Witness Your Self-Inflicted Fear
Day 9- Become Willing to Love Yourself
Day 10- I Choose To Love Myself Today
Day 11- Self-Gratitude
Day 12- The F Word
Day 13- Go Big and Expect Miracles
Day 14- Reflect and Prepare

Stay connected in the FaceBook Group. Ask questions at anytime. Embrace where you’re at in this journey. If any of this work feels challenging, that’s OK. It’s fun to challenge ourselves, BUT do it without judging yourself. So important!

Live call will be Thursday at 9pm EST. The call information will be posted in the group. 

Let’s have a great week!!

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