Yoga is so much more then a physical practice.

Sure, the physical part is amazing, but it’s everything we learn along the way that’s so life changing.
I know for so many of us we always want to know… “What’s in it for me?” 

That’s OK.
We live in a world where everyone is looking for the next quick fix, the next fad whatever, and we’re never thinking long term.
Always short term.

This is the beauty of Yoga.
You get to not only practice yoga on your mat, but gain all the benefits off as well.
Yoga teaches us to be more present in our mind and body.
It builds confidence on and off the mat.
It offers us peace and awareness. 
It teaches is to be less reactive.

These are incredible gifts that allow us to live a more peaceful life.
We are more mindful, less stressed and have a lot more to give. 

Here are five examples of some ways Yoga can have you flying high:

1) More Present & Aware
Being present in our daily life is a gift. We learn to not sweat the small stuff. To think before we speak. To take a few deep breaths and pause before responding. By doing this we lower our stress level as well as reduce anxiety.

2) We are Relaxed
A yoga studio can be a soothing and clam space to be. You learn to create these spaces no matter where you are. Your office, your home, on your travels. You learn to tune out the outside chatter and find peace and stillness within. You learn to create your own stress free zones. 

3) Reduces Pain
A lot of people come to yoga as a way to heal pain. 
Simple stretching, breathing and mindfulness allows us to heal pain as well as creates greater flexibility in the body.
Are you struggling with any type of pain?
Neck, shoulder, low back, etc.?
Yoga could be your answer. 

4) Builds Strength
So back to the physical part for a moment. Asana (the physical practice) is the bomb, but the important thing is strength isn’t just physical. It’s also mental. 
When we start to build strength in the body this improves our endurance, our cardio, and flexibility. 
You’ll sleep better, wake up feeling healthier, and have a more positive attitude. 

5) Weight Loss
So… I know if we’re doing physical activity we want to reap the benefits of losing weight. Yoga will help you lose weight, but it also helps you develop a sense of awareness in the mind in body. You’ll want to make healthier choices when it comes to food, staying hydrated, even drinking alcohol, etc. You start to really pay attention to what you’re putting into body. This is because you start to feel the side effects of feeling light and free in the body.

I would love to share more with you on the principles of yoga.
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Have an awesome day! 

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