I hope you had a fabulous week full of peace, joy and a whole lot of zen! 

Mine was delightful!! 

I went to some yoga classes, caught up with some dear friends, taught a few private clients and went to a beautiful Sangha.

We all deal with the day to day struggles of life.

That’s just it… It’s life.

The highs and lows.

The good and bad.

But, what’s important is how we face each situation that’s thrown our way. 

Are we reactive and angry?

Or, can we take a moment to pause and breathe?

There are simple things that we can do to honor our self-care, and that allow us to cultivate more zen in our lives.

This might be through movement, meditation, yoga, exercise, food, hydration and so on.

By adding in a few of these tools you’ll notice very quickly how you start to feel more aware.

Mentally, physically, and spiritually. 

Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness allow us to live life more present.

When we start to practice yoga (our asana) we automatically start to feel better. 

When this happens then we eat better.

We sleep better.

We want to make better choices in life.

Add in your meditation practice, and life becomes quiet and clear.

Your head feels clear.

You’re more present.

The outside chatter starts to quiet.

Mindfulness ties all this together,

When your mindful, your less reactive.

You think before you speak.

You show up bigger and brighter in the world.

I want to share with you today some of my favorite go-to’s, and hopefully these things will allow you to BRING ON THE ZEN BABY!!! 

I’m slowly building out my Live Free shop.

Woot! Woot! 

I just added some new meditation bundles that I’m super EXCITED about for ONLY $11, some awesome discounts on some of my favorite products, and things that bring a lot of zen and joy into my life.

I encourage you to check it out here: livefreewithsheri.com/shop/

You can’t go wrong with the Miracle Mindset Kickstart!! 

This 12 days is jammed packed with everything you need to live healthy, fearless and free.

It’s full of nutrition, wellness, yoga, affirmations, stress relief techniques and so much more.

Best part is… It’s ONLY $11! 

I know that 12 days and a ton of information might seem overwhelming, BUT Don’t Worry… You’ll always have access to this! 

All the details are here: livefreewithsheri.com/miracle-mindset-kickstart/

I LOVE that meditation is becoming so popular! This truly can heal the mind, body and soul.

Discover Your Zen is a 5-Week meditation course and offers YOU EVERYTHING you need to establish a regular meditation practice. 

From manuals, recorded meditations, lessons, etc. this course packs a punch! 

All the details are here and you will always have access to this.

Please reach out with any questions. 

Need some accountability?!

Live Free & Shine is all about creating community, supporting one another, and being the best version of ourselves.

Being unapologetically YOU!

We focus on personal development, mindfulness, yoga, setting goals, wellness, fitness, self-love, and more.

 You can request access join here. You in? Click Here! 

I hope this serves you well. Enjoy! 

Your biggest supporter! 


Love & Gratitude,

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