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Are you ready to transform your life? I’m here to help you achieve just that!

Create Life Transformations & Start Living Healthy, Fearless & Free.

My passion is sharing and teaching people how to live a toxic free life through essential oils, yoga, mindfulness, and meditation.

My purpose and specialty is to motivate and teach people how to feel alive, cultivate more joy, live in the present, move beyond addiction, and stay committed to their health and well-being.

This idea comes in many different forms depending on the individual. We can achieve these goals through movement, meditation, breath work, lifestyle, self-study, self-care, and self-love.

How do you feel right now – in your mind,body & soul.
(Be honest with me for a sec.)

Types of Events:

  • Corporate Workshops for Mindfulness
  • Yoga Classes (can include yoga, meditation, chair yoga, yoga at your desk, breath work)
  • Yoga Workshops
  • Meditation Workshops
  • Motivation Workshops (ex. How to Improve Your Sales, Busting Through Blocks.. Letting go of Fear)
  • Motivational Lectures
  • Self-Love and Healing Workshops

Speaking Engagements For:

  • Yoga Studios
  • Private Gyms
  • Spas and Wellness Centers
  • Company Events
  • Corporate Offices
  • Corporate Retreats
  • Staff Retreats
  • Luncheons
  • Networking Groups
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Schools and Universities
  • Sales Events

I look forward to hearing from you. Let’s create change! 

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Live Free with Sheri

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18 hours ago

Sheri Matthews

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1 week ago

Sheri Matthews

So many times I've heard - I can't meditate because I can't sit still. Or, I can't quiet the mind. I say - so what & call BS on that.😉

Don't put so much pressure on meditation. Try different styles and see what feels right for you. Practice meditating on the sounds around you. We often think meditation is turning away from the world, sitting and silence and not a single thought can't move through us. I'm sorry - That's not always realistic for me. We are beings who are living in a busy world, so it is possible to use what's around us as a way of meditating.

🌟 Try this:

1) Close your eyes.
2) Expand your awareness and notice the sounds around you.
3) The sounds in the room. Outside the room. Then even farther.
4) Listen to the most distant sound you can hear.
5) Instead of trying to ignore all the noise, invite it in as part of the fabric of your meditation.
6) Stay and embrace this state of awareness you've cultivated, allowing the world around you to contribute to your meditation.
7) Sit for as along as you want.
8 ) When you're ready, draw your attention back to your body, your breath, and open your eyes.
9) Namaste and move on with your day.

Boom! You just meditated. 👊🕉🙏🧘‍♀️
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1 week ago

Sheri Matthews

Here’s to a new week! Let’s do this thing.
🙌🙏👊💪 #amen
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"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

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