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Welcome to the Yoga & Recovery Club! 



What is the Yoga & Recovery Club?

The Yoga and Recovery Club is a virtual coaching program offering online classes & community developed by Sheri Matthews. This will consist of yoga classes, mindfulness topics, guided meditations, bi-weekly coaching topics around recovery and more. This is a paid monthly membership subscription for those looking to embrace an alcohol free/sober lifestyle or who are currently in recovery looking to deepen their spiritual practices and principles. This will be a safe, private and compassionate space so you can feel comfortable sharing freely about your own personal journey.

My Mission:

My mission and passion is to build a safe and thriving community for ladies in recovery. As I have navigated my own recovery from drugs and alcohol I truly know and understand how hard it is to find a community where you can thrive and feel supported. Recovery is not easy and we can’t do it alone. We need love and support to stay on the right track. I also don’t believe it’s one size fits all when it comes to recovery. I have utilized many different resources from the 12-steps, to yoga, mindfulness, meditation, journaling, wellness and lifestyle. Believe or not – all these things tie together and I’m grateful for everything I’ve learned along the way.

My goal is to create a space for you to engage, connect, and share each month that leaves you feeling connected, grounded and supported in your recovery. Being a part of a likeminded community that ultimately leaves you feeling and living substance free.



What’s Included with the Monthly Subscription:

  • Weekly Yoga Classes to help you on your path to recovery, reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Weekly Guided Meditations
  • Bi-Monthly LIVE classes with a different topic each class. Topics will be mindfulness and recovery themed and will include exercises to keep the mind stimulated, the heart open as well as make for great opportunities to share.
  • Access to me inside the private FB group where I will actively be engaging and answering any questions you might have.
  • A private group to grow, thrive and connect offering ongoing and daily support for your recovery.
  • Weekly articles around yoga, mindfulness, wellness, meditation, and living a healthy lifestyle in recovery.
  • Access to all yoga classes, recovery classes, and guided meditations so you can go back and watch at anytime.


Why Did I Create Yoga & Recovery?

I’ve been practicing yoga 20 years and teaching almost 10. I’m a certified yoga therapist and specialize in recovery, addiction, PTSD, and trauma. My yoga and meditation practice has been a huge catalyst in supporting my recovery as well as being a cancer survivor and I want to share that with you.

As we dig into our spiritual toolbox we’ll access these amazing tools that are accessible and effective for all of us. This being – Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Wellness, and Lifestyle.


Who is this for?

  • Anyone who is ready for a new way of life.
  • People who are ready to quit drinking, but haven’t found their tribe yet.
  • Former party chicks who are sick of that party lifestyle.
  • Anyone who is sober, but looking to deepen their sobriety.
  • Anyone who is dealing with PTSD, trauma, addiction, stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Anyone who is looking to live life sober and free or trying to.
  • Anyone who wants a loving community, and to be surrounded by Wellness Rockstars working on their recovery.



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