How’s your Self-Care?

Do you make time for yourself? 
Do you feel selfish about taking time for yourself?
If you do then STOP!
This should be a nonnegotiable! 

I’m going to share with you a few simple tools that will help you live a more peaceful and present life.

Don’t overthink and complicate life.
But… Take care of yourself.
Your health and well-being is so important.
Your body is a temple.

Here are 3 Simple Self-Care Rituals to Bring YOU Peace.

1) Understand that Self-Care can be ANYTHING!
Self-care can be reading a book, taking a salt bath, going for a walk, taking a nap, going to be earlier, journaling, meditation, a yoga class, a nice dinner with friends and family, or a Netflix marathon.
YES! These are all things that allow us to check out and recharge the mind and body.
Self-care doesn’t have to be expensive.
It’s just honoring what your body needs at that moment.

2) Figure out What Relaxes YOU!
When we practice self-care we are doing things that relax and calm us. 
This is different for all of us. 
For some it’s doing mindless tasks, and for others it might be baking or cooking a 5 course meal.
So, ask yourself that question.
If you’re going to take time for yourself… What makes YOU feel relaxed?

3) YOU have to make Yourself a Priority! 
I probably say this 100 plus times a year.
If you’re not taking time for yourself and caring for yourself, then how can you care for others in your life?
This special time you carve out for yourself is imperative. 
It’s for YOU, but also for those in your life.
When you feel recharged, YOU become less reactive.
When you have peace your more positive and the little shit doesn’t bother you.

Most importantly… Remember to breathe.
And, don’t forget to laugh!


Love & Gratitude,

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