Day 4 Five Days to Freedom & Feeling Fabulous

Who Do You Love and how can your WHY inspire others? 

Sometimes, people have a really big “Why?”.

But, they still don’t manage to take action. Even though the reasons may be obvious to them and to everyone around them, they just don’t do what they need to do to improve their own lives.

This is caused by fear, doubt, lack of confidence and even self-esteem.

However, these same people would do anything to help someone else!!

Sound familiar? 

Sometimes we need to reframe our “Why?” to include others who we can help. Let’s harness the power of doing things for others to keep the motivation going.

How will your actions impact somebody else?

Will reaching your goals improve the lives of those around you?

Today, I want you to use your imagination and to think ahead to what it feels like when you have reached your goals. How will the people you love and care about be impacted? What will you be able to do for them as a result of taking action now?

Your call to action today, is to take out another piece of paper. Write down 3 to 5 people who will be impacted by you taking action on the goals that you’ve set.

We’re adding layers to your level of motivation.

I want you to put that piece of paper, right underneath your WHY piece of paper. Consider putting pictures of those people on your piece of paper, or in your car, or somewhere you’re going to see them to remind yourself of the positive benefits of working towards your goals.

I’m so proud of you, the work you’ve done, and showing up every day! 

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It’s already Day 5 tomorrow! I can’t believe it!

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