Do you feel like your energy is low? Especially this time of the year! 

Many factors play into why we feel this way. We feel tired, sluggish, even negative. 

I want you to think about how you spend your time.
Who you spend your time with.
What type of energy do you surround yourself with?
Is it positive or negative?
Are you taking time for you?
I want you to cultivate self-awareness around these questions. 
Once you recognize what’s effecting your energy, then you can work on rectifying it. 

Here are 6 mindful tips for increasing your energy…

#1- Mindfulness
Start your day off right! As soon as you wake up in the morning set your intention for the day. Sure, it might sound cheesy, but it works. Tell yourself something positive.

Today is going to be a great day.
I look pretty.
I feel healthy. 
I’m glad to have my health.
I love my family.
I’m glad I have a roof over my head and food in my pantry.
Today I will practice joy.

It’s simple and subtle messages like these that allows us to be present and mindful. We learn to practice gratitude and not sweat the small stuff. We gain patience and create more peace in our life.

#2 – Eat a Nutritious Breakfast
Are you fueling your body first thing in the AM? Or, are you loading up on coffee and no water. Are you running through the drive-thru filling your body with crap?
Food is fuel. It not only keeps us healthy, but it increases our energy level.
When we fuel our bodies with healthy foods it shifts our mindset. We feel happy knowing we are doing something good for our bodies. When we fuel it with garbage we feel sluggish and irritable. 
I treat my food like medicine. I eat as much healthy, whole foods as possible. I try not to overeat, but don’t get me wrong… I love to indulge from time to time.
If you’re not a big breakfast person still try enjoying a smoothie or even a green juice. 

#3 – Hydration
Are you staying hydrated? How much water are you consuming in a day?
Dehydration is one of the number one causes for gaining weight. We mistake being hungry for being thirsty. So we end up eating a bunch of useless calories when all we needed to do was stay hydrated. Drink you water! 
Also, reduce the intake of stimulates. If you’re feeling irritated, have low energy and negative, I can tell you… Coffee, cigarettes, and alcohol will not serve you. It might seem like a short term fix, but it’s only going to make things worse long term. 

#4 – Get Outdoors
Sometimes all we need is a change of scenery.  Go outside, take a few deep breaths, and enjoy some fresh air. Maybe go for a walk, a run, or ride your bike. Yes.. It’s that simple and effective. This will make you feel happy and positive. 

#5 – Create Positive Habits
Get some positive energy inside you. Start listening to podcasts around self-care, self-love, even personal development. Or, find a topic that resonates with you. Read an uplifting book. Print out some positive quotes and put them in your office or around your home. You can even enjoy some music that uplifts and motivates you. 

#6 – Yoga & Meditation
If you really want to cultivate mindfulness and awareness in your life then explore some yoga and meditation. With yoga and meditation there is no one size fits all. Explore what speaks to you. YouTube is an excellent resource to find something that works for you. My yoga and meditation practice is everything to me. I’ve been doing it almost 20 years and each year it evolves and changes. That’s the beauty of it!

We all want to be happy at the end of the day. We want to wake up with our heart full of gratitude. We want to feel positive and not negative. 

You have to remember… YOU always have a choice. 

If you live in a state of negativity or maybe you have experienced some traumas or difficulty in the past… Things don’t happen or change overnight. This is daily work. It’s a practice. Treat yourself with compassion. Be consistent and be inspired.

There is way too much negativity in the world. I choose to the good and not the bad. And I’m sure as hell not going to allow other people to steal my peace. LOL! 

I hope this serves you and I’m sending you loads of love. 

Your biggest supporter! 

Love & Gratitude,


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