I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Let’s start your week off with some positive vibes.

January can be an exciting month, but also a little unsettling. 

We set our goals and intentions for the New Year in January and take a big leap of faith on giving up all the crap that no longer serves us. As freeing as this might seem it can either be very empowering or a little scary… but HEALTHY!

Giving up things that no longer serve us can be scary because it could be a change in your career, a relationship you’re in, or maybe it’s an addiction to food or something else.

Whatever it is, here are two things you need to do:
1) Treat yourself with compassion
2) Be patient… Be patient… Be patient

Haven’t you always been told… Good things come to those who WAIT!

Next thing is remember the… POWER of POSITIVE THINKING and OWN IT!
When you vibrate on that high level, not only will you feel it, but others around you will. 

You want to drive someone crazy? … Be fricken happy all the time!

Last thing to ponder… Are your goals and intentions being supported by your actions? Say that again out loud!

If this is not the case you need to ask yourself… WHY?

My friend, I leave you with this and I hope you enjoy your week. 

To a healthy, happy & Spring like winter!

Peace & Chicken Grease… wait I mean…

Love & Gratitude,

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