Corporate Yoga and Wellness

What do Yahoo, AOL, Apple and Google have in common?

They encourage their employees to become healthier and by doing this they become more productive, less stressed and take fewer sick days.


businesswoman meditatingWorking in Corporate America, you can’t help but take on stress. Stress is one of the leading causes of disease and health issues in our society today. Give your employees the luxury of letting their stresses go by offering a weekly yoga class or wellness and nutrition services. Live Free with Sheri can help them reduce stress, improve concentration, and increase productivity.


Benefits of Corporate Programs Include:

  • enhanced work performance
  • increased energy
  • reduce sick days
  • reduce back and neck pain
  • relieve stress and anxiety
  • improve mental focus
  • improve energy and concentration
  • weight loss
  • increased flexibility

Yoga is good for everyone no matter what your occupation. Yoga will allow your employees to produce better results and provide better service to your clients.

We promise that your employees will leave each class feeling relaxed, less stressed, refreshed, and more productive.

Onsite gyms or conference rooms make convenient spaces for holding your workplace yoga class. Classes typically will be 60 minutes unless otherwise specified. A minimum of 5 people is recommended for your workplace yoga class. We can also provide one-time corporate workshops and events.

We can tailor programs to include yoga, wellness, nutrition, stress relief techniques, chair yoga, breath work, meditation and yoga at your desk. We can create sessions and programs that are appropriate for your group.

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“In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside you.”
-Deepak Chopra 


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