What inspired you to become a Self-Love and Wellness Coach?

Just as yoga therapy transformed me along my journey, I found the same connection with self-love, wellness, and nutrition. It took time for me to figure all this out, but I didn’t do it alone. It was baby steps and little by little, I started to see and experience a shift in my life. After getting out all the toxicity, the awareness in my mind and the connection to my body became very uplifting and empowering.

Self-Love and Wellness is a whole package, not just what we put into our bodies. I help others to feel and experience the sense of freedom they deserve, and thrive from the sweetness they achieve by making shifts with their mind and body. My experience has inspired me to be an advocate for self-love, wellness, yoga, meditation, nutrition, addiction and recovery. I’ll teach you to let go of your fears and learn to love your body.



Do you work with clients who are not located near you?

Absolutely! I work with clients all over the world via phone, Skype, by email and in some cases in-person.



Do you design a specific plan for each client?

Yes… I believe it is very important and imperative we look at every person individually. One of the biggest problems is, individuals try to become healthy with a fad diet or quick fix and not a pre-designed plan. My programs do share similar principals, but it’s important to view everyone individually. I see that self-care, self-love and wellness often suffers because you might be missing one key element that could make the difference in your ultimate goal and success. We have to remember self-love, wellness and nutrition is a lifestyle change not a quick fix.



Do I have to give up all my favorite foods while on your program?

No… As they say, “Everything in Moderation”. I feel you should be wise when making these choices, and allow yourself to feel GUILT FREE when you do. Remember, this is your journey and I’m here to guide you along the way. We will work together to structure a plan, to reach your goals, and achieve a lifetime of improved health, self-love and wellness. I’m confident we can tailor meal plans around your goals and your body’s specific needs, while still appealing to your pallet and not sacrificing taste. Clients often feel surprised how quickly their bodies respond and how much they enjoy the healthy nutrient-rich whole foods we introduce to them. They begin to crave the nutrient-rich alternatives and are left feeling extremely satisfied. Self-love, wellness and nutrition is finding balance in the mind and body.



Who is best suited for your Yoga, Self-Love and Wellness services?

You’re always told in most industries to find your niche market. I agree in many cases, however I provide services for Yoga Therapy, Nutrition, Intuitive Healing, Self-Love and Wellness. Fortunately this appeals to everyone, unless your an asshole… Kidding! Does that mean I’m the best fit for everyone… of course not, but I do believe I can help most people find more happiness and achieve better health and wellness. When people make the mental shift to take responsibility for their health and well-being, all the magic starts to happen. They embrace change, will adjust their thought patterns, and become eager to experience health and happiness. They start to welcome the success and this new way of life. Ultimately it’s your hard work, determination and passion, that creates the health and happiness you desire. You get to embrace the joy and benefits of Self-Love, Healing, and Wellness and the success of a happier and healthier YOU.



I can’t wait to begin but have a few questions.

Excellent! Contact Live Free with Sheri with any questions. I look forward to working with you on your journey!

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