Is Self-Love and Wellness Coaching Right for Me

Ask yourself a few questions my friends…

      • Do you want to experience mind/body awareness?
      • Do you want to create more balance in your life?
      • Do you want to release the fear your holding onto?
      • Do you want to quiet the ego?
      • How’s your lifestyle…what do you fuel your body with?
      • Are you tired of counting calories and weighing your food?
      • Are you tired of spending money on every fad diet with underwhelming results?
      • Do you feel stuck in your current relationship or job?
      • Need help creating a positive self image?
      • Feel ready to release your fear and follow your true passions and dreams?
      • Ready to move forward and heal from the stories that hold you back?
      • Are you curious about self-love, meditation or other wellness services that can serve you?
      • Are you Ready to love your life more?
      • Want to improve relationships in your life?
      • Are you ready to take back your life and health?
      • Need support and guidance to make a shift or transition in your life?

Contact Live Free with Sheri directly to answer any questions and to get started on your journey of self-love, wellness and healing.

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