This is such a HOT topic… Cleansing!! Especially, going into the New Year. 
We are trying to rid ourselves of the gunk… the sugar… overeating…  and on and on… So, I have my own opinion on Cleansing. I feel there are safe and effective ways to cleanse the system and not so safe. Keep in mind, the body has it’s own detoxifying system and that is through the kidneys, liver and colon. There are so many cleanses out there today that are more of a starvation diet and don’t focus on nutrition. I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t seem too fun. The All Natural 12 Day Cleanse is packed with healthy and whole nutritious food. You are eating three meals a day and even a few snacks if you want. You are not robbing the body of any nutrition and you will be left feeling amazing after the 12 days. 

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