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Why is it as human beings we always have to complicate things? If things are simple, then we get bored. We are always looking for a challenge or the next best thing. The funny thing is…  When we are faced with a challenge in our life, in our business, our career… We don’t want to deal, and we become full of frustration and fear. It’s easier to just walk away.

I’ve been practicing yoga and meditation for 15 years. Every day when I roll out my mat I approach my practice as just that… a practice. I try and keep it simple. I don’t judge myself, and I let go of any expectations. I honor that every time I come to my mat my experience will be different. Even when I feel it’s going to be easy, I feel rested; I feel focused and connected to my breath something shifts. My body feels like I moving through cement.

Instead of quitting, I face the challenge that lies ahead and keep it simple. Our bodies and breath have a way of telling us… you need to back off, chill out, and calm the hell down.

Remember to breathe! When you feel frustrated and you’re facing a challenge, something that scares you, makes you feel stressed, even gives you anxiety… Just breathe. Take a few long, slow, deep breaths. Find some effort and ease in this. You will be amazed how you can shift the outcome of any situation you’re faced with.

Always keep it simple. Life is already hard enough. Why make it more complicated? Take responsibility for your actions, don’t play the blame game, and always trust the process. Things happen for a reason and know that you are right where you’re supposed to be.

Stay true to who you are, be real, and keep it simple.


Love & Gratitude,

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