Happy Monday Self-Love and Wellness Tribe! 

I hope you had an awesome weekend and you’re staying warm! 

One of the more common questions I get asked as a teacher and wellness coach is… What is the difference between Self-Care and Self-Love?

I usually ask my clients if they feel they are taking care of themselves. They often tell me YES. I ask them… How do you take time to Love Yourself? 

I will typically get answers like:
I like to get my nails done. I like to take baths. I love to run. I love my yoga practice. I enjoy meditation. I keep my space really clean. I have paid off all my debt, and feel financially free. I pay my bills on time. I watch my nutrition. I spend time with my friends and family. 

All the answers are awesome!! I find most people are practicing self-care physically, financially, spiritually, nutritionally, and even organizationally, but what they are forgetting is the emotional side of things. They are not loving themselves emotionally.

See, the problem is that a lot of people think that Self-Love is weird or sort of creepy. People feel that self-love is about arrogance or entitlement. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Self-Love is about unconditional compassion. Self-Love is about loving who you are, all of you… flaws, mistakes, and all!!

Ways to incorporate self-love into your life:
1) Be fully present in your body
2) Define your own worth
3) Take responsibility for your feelings and own it
4) Seek out spiritual connection
5) Make yourself a priority
6) Take action in your life… Loving yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually

Don’t forget to love yourself! Treat yourself with love and compassion always!

Have a kick butt week! Shake things up a bit… Try a new recipe, a different workout, or some meditation. See you on the flip side! Breathe well my friends!

Live Healthy, Feel Fearless, Be Free!


Love & Gratitude,


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