Ep 37 – Live Free TOTD – You Are Beautiful!

The Live free TIP OF THE DAY is all about YOU! You are beautiful! Every single part of you. You have something amazing to offer. So, let your light shine bright. Enjoy!

Ep 36- Live Free TOTD – Self-Care is NOT Selfish!

Today’s Live Free TIP OF THE DAY is all about self-care. Why it’s important we honor it, take care of our bodies, so we can continue to fuel our mind, body and soul. This allows us to show up for everyone else in our life on a much higher level. Keep it sweet. Keep it simple. Enjoy!

Ep 35 – Live Free TOTD – Just Breathe!

In this Live Free TIP OF THE DAY I share with you the importance of the breath, and why we just need to stop – pause – and breathe. Enjoy!

Ep 34 – Live Free TOTD – Give Without Having to Take

This Live Free TIP OF THE DAY is all about giving and not expecting something in return. This wasn’t always the case for me years ago. Definitely one of the bet lessons I learned. Enjoy!

Ep 33 – Live Free TOTD – Everyday is a New Opportunity!

Live Free TIP OF THE DAY is about embracing each day as a new opportunity and adventure. You get out what you put it. Enjoy!

Ep 32 – Protect YOUR Energy!

Do you know how important it is to protect your energy? When you’re on a path of spiritual healing and growth, last thing you need is people trying to wreak your buzz. Trying to steal your energy and time. Keep your vibes high, and know it’s ok to let some people go if you have to.

Ep 31 – Live Free TOTD – Stay Inspired!

In this Live Free TIP OF THE DAY I share with you the importance of staying inspired, motivated, and dedicated to life and your goals.

Ep 30 – Live Free TOTD – Why Gratitude is So Important

In this Live Free TIP OF THE DAY I share with you why gratitude is so important. If you can’t find joy then shift your mindset to gratitude.

Ep 29 – Live Free TOTD – Let Go of Hate

In this Live Free TIP OF THE DAY I share with you he importance of letting go of hate. Life is way too short to carry around feelings of anger, resentment, and hate.

Ep 28 – Live Free TOTD – Just Be YOU!

In this Live Free TIP OF THE DAY… I share with you the importance of just being YOU! You have your own unique gifts, message, and story to share with the world.

Ep 27 – Live Free TOTD – Happiness is an Inside Job

TOTD- Tip of the Day!
Today I share with you why happiness is an inside job. Why it’s important to show and for yourself, do the work and reap the benefits. No it’s not luck! It’s hard work, motivation, and consistency!

Ep 26 – Body Confidence – Love Your Damn Body! Period!

Love Your Body… Period! In this podcast I share with you how I addressed the haters that kept commenting on my thighs on my FB live videos. Plus, how these big thighs, big ass, and healthy body is kicking cancers ass. How to spread your light, love life, and live free. Your body is beautiful!

Ep 25 – Meditation – RESPONSIBILITY

This meditation is about letting go, taking responsibility for our actions and forgiveness. Taking a moment to pause and breathe before reacting.

Ep 24 – 6 Tips to Find Joy on Your Journey

I share with you how to find joy in a joyless state. Maybe you’re dealing with stress, anxiety, addiction, or merely a bump in the road… How can you shift your energy and mindset to cultivate joy and awareness into your life.

Ep 23 – Are You Struggling with Addiction

Do you think you have a problem when it comes to addiction? Are you scared to ask questions?  Do you feel you have no where to go? Are you ready to get help? Do you need a safe space to share your story?

Ep 22 – 10 Reasons You Should Meditate

This podcast is offering you 10 reasons why YOU should start a meditation practice.
Live Free. Breathe. Dig deep. Be present. It’s all about self-care!


This meditation is so sweet and teaches you to let go of attachment. How to love yourself, treat yourself with compassion, let go of things that no longer serve you and to feel free.

Ep 20 – 6 Tips for Practicing Compassion & Self-Care

I share with you the importance of moving through life with ease and mindfulness. The importance of showing up for yourself, asking for help when you need it, and knowing you are always supported.

Ep 19 – 30 Minute Energetic Flow Yoga Practice

This podcast is a 30 minute Energetic Flow yoga practice. It’s time to move, breathe, flow and sweat a little. Do what you can. Take breaks. Honor your body. Feel everything and force nothing. Live Free! Namaste

Ep 18 – 6 Reasons You Should Start Doing Yoga

In this podcast I share with you 6 tips on why you should start a yoga practice and how it will benefit your mind, body, and soul.


This Heartbeat Meditation is to increase body awareness, encourages emotional clarity, promotes mindfulness, encourages being in the present moment, increases a sense of gratitude and satisfaction as well as it’s very calming. Enjoy and breathe well.

Ep 16 – Start Your Morning Off Right

Are you tired of starting each morning with your hair on fire and running around like a crazy person?! If so, this podcast is for you! I share with you some easy and effective tips to start your morning off with purpose, intention, and ease. Enjoy!


This meditation helps promote self-esteem, increases feelings of joy, improves personal relationships, promotes self-acceptance, encourages compassion, and decreases anxiety and stress.

Ep 14 – 5 Tips for Juicing Greens

In this podcast I’m sharing with you the 5 tips to creating the perfect glass of juice. How to layer it, have fun, and gain all the benefits from juicing.

Ep 13 – 10 Magical Tips for Manifesting

Curious about manifestation? Today I share with you 10 magical tips to manifest your desires. Believe, feel, breathe, and live free.

Ep 12 Meditation – FEARLESS LOVE

This meditation will encourage love and understanding. It promotes healing, letting go of the past, and improves relationships. It allows open-mindedness and also releases fear. Enjoy!


This meditation mantra for abundance is calming, centering, and stress reducing. It will help you increase focus and increase overall satisfaction with life. Enjoy!

Ep 10 – 6 Yoga Tips for Yoga Beginners

Interested in yoga? Yes!! This episode will definitely serve you well then. I share with you 6 tips every yoga beginner needs to get started. Yoga is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Enjoy!

Ep 9 Meditation – What Drives You

This meditation allows clarity in determining what’s really important to you. How you can reduce fear and anxiety, create perspective, and promotes happiness and joy. ¬†Have fun, breathe deep, and be present. Be consistent. Be inspired.

Ep 8 – 6 Tips to Creating a Magical Meditation Practice

New to meditation? I’ve got you covered! In this episode I’m sharing with you 6 tips to create a magical and consistent at-home meditation practice. Use these tips as a way to have fun, feel free, just be and meditate.

Ep 7 Creating Space in Your Life

In this episode I share with you my end of 2016, a minor bump in the road, and my new journey with cancer. How to stay inspired, positive and motivated.

Ep 6 Meditation – JUST BEING

This is a sweet meditation on Just Being Present in your mind, body, and soul.

Ep 5 Loving Yourself + MEDITATION

This episode is about showing up for yourself, loving yourself, doing the work, and living free. Steps to create radical change. PLUS we end with a beautiful meditation.

Ep 4 Ditch the Negative Attitude

Ditch the negative attitude! Why mindset is so important and how it heals the mind, body and spirit. Live Free & Shine!

Ep 3 It’s OK to Say No

Love this message! I’m sharing with you why it’s ok to say NO, and why it’s so important. No is a loving answer! Live Free and Shine bright!

Ep 2 Why Self Care is IMPORTANT

I share with you why self-care is so important for your health and well-being. Why making yourself a priority is key. Live free and love yourself!

Ep 1 Welcome to the Live Free Podcast

Welcome to the Live Free and Shine podcast! I want to welcome you and I hope you come along on this beautiful journey with me. I will be sharing everything that I love and inspires me from yoga, to wellness, mindfulness, lifestyle and recovery.

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