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It’s time to get down to business and do some work, but let’s have fun doing it!

Are you ready to step into your own Power, in a Big way? I mean Huge!

It’s time to master your confidence once and for all! I know you will love this course. 

Are You Ready to Feel Confident and Empowered?

Are You Ready to Create Positive Change in Your Life Once in For All?

Do You Desire to Close the Gap Between Where You are Now and Where You Really Want to Be?

Don’t You Think it’s Finally Time to Overcome Your Fear and Start Living a Life You Desire and Deserve, on Your Own Terms?

Are You Ready to Overcome All the Obstacles That Hold you Back From Becoming the Person You’ve Always Wanted to Be?

Are You Ready to Invest in Yourself?

Then this course is for you!







Because of my daily commitment to my life, my health and my business, it’s allowed me to show up bigger and bolder in the world.

I love being around people and I am very confident and outgoing, however that wasn’t always the case. I understand the feelings, fears, and thought patterns that hold us back from truly being who we desire in our life, careers, and businesses.

Trust Me… It Will Get Better

There are beautiful tools right at your fingertips, you just need to know what they are, how to implement them into your daily life, and be ready to do some deep work.

This is so good! You can have fun during the process, really get to dig deep, and start to feel free. Free of anxiety, guilt, fear, worry, and shame.

I Am Going To Show You How To Do This


Ask Yourself These Few Questions:

Are You So Ready For Change in Your Life You Just Can’t Stand it Any Longer?

Are You Afraid to be Yourself Around Others For the Fear of Being Judged?

Are You a People Pleaser and Can Never Say “No” Even When You Really Want To?

Are You Ready to Remove Your Mask and Come Out of Your Shell?

Are You Scared to Speak Up and Ask For What You Want?

Are You Ready to Feel Confident and Master Confidence Once and For All? 

If You Answered “Yes” to Any of These Above YOU Are In the Right Place.



Week One: Who In The Hell Am I!

– We Are Going to Dive Right In and Start Your Journey.

– Figure Out How to Identify Fear, Anxiety, and Stress That Has Blocked Your Life’s Flow.

– I Will Teach You Key Principles on How to Master Confidence.

– How to Get to Know Your Authentic Self.

– Become Self-Aware So You Discover Who You Really Are.

Week Two: I’m Awesome and Love Myself

– Learn the Importance of Self-Love and How it Effects Your Whole Entire Being.

– How to Strengthen Your Relationship with Yourself.

– How to Evaluate Your Fears and Barriers so You Will Now be Able to Do Things You Only Dreamed Of. Sounds Awesome, Right!

– Be Open and Willing to Create Positive Change in Your Life.

Week Three: Now We are Kicking Some Butt

– Ditch that Self-Sabotage!

– How to Use Tools to Cultivate More Joy Into Your Life.

– Understand the Power of Joy and How it Builds Your Confidence.

– How to Say Good-Bye to Your Limiting Beliefs So You Stop Doubting Yourself. 

Week Four: Bring it On Baby! I’m Ready

– It’s Time to Focus on New Ways of Thinking and Speaking. Ditch Those Negative Voices Once and For All.

– It’s Time to Learn About Abundance!

– Learn How Fear Has Blocked You From Gaining the Abundance You Desire and Deserve In Your Life and Business.

Week Five: Bye-Bye Old Self… Hello Rock Star!

– Reconnect With Your Inner Source.

– It’s Time to Embrace Your Authentic Self.

– By Mastering Confidence You Can Stop Comparing Yourself and Start Being You.

– Ditch Those Old Stories and Resentments That Have Held You Back.

– It’s Time to Own Everything You Need, Want, and Desire.

Week Six: Watch Out World… I’m Coming For You!

– It’s Time to Validate Yourself. You No Longer Need to Seek Approval From Others.

– How to Set Goals and Intentions for Yourself with Your New Bold Confident Attitude.

– It’s Time to Feel Empowered So You Can Be Your Most Confident Self.

– Acknowledge How Amazing You Feel and How You Are Going to Change Your Life in a Huge Way.

– Step Into Your Power and Own Your New Life.

– It’s Time to Create Your New Life with Zero Regrets.



This Six-Week Course has been set up online for you!

When you sign up, you will gain automatic access to the private members only area containing the content for week one!

Check your email!

You will receive an email with directions to access the content each week for six weeks.


– Audio/Video Recordings for Each of the Six Weeks
– Weekly Live Q&A Call: So Good!
– Unlimited Replays
– Weekly Fun Assignments
– Mastering Confidence Private FaceBook Group


– Weekly Meditations
– Weekly Affirmations









Hi! I’m Sheri Matthews!

I am so excited about this offer! It is my intention that you will embrace this journey, master your confidence, and allow this process to fully and completely change your life.

Stepping out of our comfort zone can be super scary, but becoming who we truly want to become is so empowering. It’s time to ditch the fear, worry, stress and anxiety once and for all!

Once you embrace the shifts that you need to make in order to master confidence and find your true authentic voice, this will change your life, your business, even your career. So many times the lack of confidence never allows us the opportunity to become who we desire to become.

It’s time to no longer be scared, make these changes for YOU, embrace this journey, and get pumped up about doing the work.

I’m constantly doing my own personal work. Digging deep, facing my fears, and always open to create change so I can live a life I love, desire and deserve.

I want exactly the same for you. Start living the life you love and desire. Start living Fearless and Free. Onward and Upward my friends. Let’s do this!!


I’m so excited and honored to be able to teach this course. It’s really life changing and it feels so good.

I know it will impact your life and you will finally start living Fearless and Free.

If you are ready to make huge shifts, master confidence, create a big impact in the world and see radical change, sign up below.


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