Day 1

“You were put on this earth to achieve your greatest self, to live out your purpose, and to do it fearlessly.” ~Steve Maraboli

It is a pleasure to welcome you to our 28 Days to Loving Your Body. The information you receive today is the foundation of your program. You will be setting your own goals. This program is customized to your specific goals and needs.

Remember, we are here for you throughout the 28 day period. Your success is important to us. It is why we are here. I am here with the intention that this program will powerfully change the course of your future. For that to happen, you must be with me 100%. This is an incredible tool available to you throughout the duration of the program and beyond. It will be tremendously beneficial for you to be comfortable with sharing your thoughts and concerns. From experience, when you feel yourself holding back that is usually the time that you most need to vocalize what is happening, ask questions, ask for support and step out. This is why community is so powerful! You will always have someone on the same page willing to support you all the way.

For optimal success, make sure to do each of the following today!

Congratulations again on enrolling in this program! Read through the Day 01 Module!


Love & Gratitude,

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