Week Four: Embrace The Journey

“Change must first begin in your thoughts which then communicates with your soul, it is then you find the answers within your heart.”
~ Melanie Moushigian Koulosnis

Week Four is upon us.
This week you get to dig into Mantras and how to use them. With Mantras you can use them during your practice and you can even carry these with you throughout the day. You are also going to get more meditation tips and learn about meditation tools. With meditation tools these are things you can bring into your practice. See, the beautiful thing is… There is not just one way to meditate. Some people like to keep the same ritual and daily practice, but others like to mix it up. That is encouragement to keep it fresh and fun.


Please Enjoy Week Four’s Audio and Guided Meditation.

Audio – Week Four


Guided Meditation

Discover Your Zen Resources:

>>> Meditation Diary <<<
>>> Meditation Manual <<<

Daily Modules:

Day 1: Download Here
Day 2: Download Here
Day 3: Download Here
Day 4: Download Here
Day 5: Download Here
Day 6: Download Here
Day 7: Download Here

Fun Homework:

+  Have fun with your Mantras. Use them in your practice, but also use them during the day.
+  Explore some of the meditation tools and bring new things into your practice.
+  Let your meditation practice inspire you.
+  Create a regular practice and create more success in your life.


Use these throughout the day and week to shift your thoughts and feelings. Use them as a tool to stay present and focused. You can choose just one and use if for the week, or you can use a different one each day. I love to have a few to use throughout the day. See what feels good and speaks to you.

+  My life is beautiful and amazing.
+  Trusting my body and my breath is becoming easier.
+  I choose to inhale love and exhale light.
+  I kick butt. I am beautiful.
+  Making small changes is becoming easier for me.

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