Hello Beautiful Friends!!

Welcome to Week One of our May Cause Miracles 6 week journey together.

Week One we dive into Becoming Miracle Minded. What a perfect way to set the foundation for the course!

This week guides you to identify how fear has blocked your life’s flow. We will lay the groundwork and guide you to embrace the key principles:
– Witnessing Your Fear
– Willingness to Change
– Shifts in Perception
– Gratitude
– Forgiveness
– Expecting Miracles
– Reflecting and Recapping

FEAR- False Evidence Appearing Real.

Here is how the week will unfold…
Day 1- Witness Your Fear
Day 2- Become Willing
Day 3- Choose a New Perspective
Day 4- Gratitude is the Attitude
Day 5- The F Word- Learning to Forgive
Day 6- Expect Miracles
Day 7- Reflect and Prepare

Our live call will be Thursday at 9pm EST.
If you can’t join live this will be recorded for you and posted in the FaceBook Group.

Here’s to Week One!

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