Hello Beautiful Friends!

Week Three of May Cause Miracles is here! We are moving right along. This week we are covering Body Image. This is such an important topic.

When we carry around self-doubt, fear, judgment, resentment, we attack our body and mind with low-level thoughts and energy. As we begin to see how energy affects our body, we come to see how spiritual healing will support physical healing.

This week we dive into:
Day 15- A New Reflection
Day 16- My Body is Light
Day 17- What Do I Choose To See In The Mirror?
Day 18- Gettin’ My Gratitude On
Day 19- The Inverse Of The Fog
Day 20- The Miracle Of Your Body
Day 21- Reflect and Prepare

Stay connected in the FaceBook Group. Ask questions at anytime. Embrace where you’re at in this journey. This is going to be a great week. One of my favorite weeks. 

Live call will be Thursday at 9pm EST. The call information will be posted in the group.

Let’s have a great week!!

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