... What I Love ...

walks on the beach.. holding hands.. the smell of fresh baked cookies.. eating fresh baked cookies.. all types of yoga (love.. love yoga).. my personal yoga practice.. my dogs.. nature.. cooking.. green smoothies.. fresh flowers.. juicing.. my orchids.. running.. fall.. pumpkin candles.. dark chocolate.. scary movies.. Quentin Tarantino.. fresh fruit.. almonds.. music.. challenges.. laughing.. Joy.. Shaun T.. Bryan Kest.. meditation.. Italian food.. Indian food.. Madonna.. Beachbody.. traveling.. meeting new people.. the sound of rain.. waking up early.. green tea.. Swiss oatmeal.. coconut.. eating clean.. Self-Love.. feeling Powerful.. trying new things.. smiling.. journaling.. meeting new people.. reading.. spring.. summer.. my family.. angles.. God.. spirit.. dancing.. Zumba.. Neil Diamond.. concerts.. the sound of birds.. butterflies.. experimenting in the kitchen.. creating recipes.. life and waking up enjoying that first breath!


Make Every Day Your Best Day!

My Mantra and Theme Song…


Love & Gratitude,

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