Top 10 Ways to Increase Your Energy

Hiya Wellness Warriors~

You ready to boost your energy? 

Do you ever feel like no matter how well you sleep, how much you exercise or how good you’re eating you still feel sluggish, run down, and just not 100%?

Today I’m serving up the Top 10 Ways to Increase Your Energy!

1) Reduce or Eliminate Caffeine. 
~ Now, I know what you’re thinking… Hell No!
~ The ups and downs of caffeine include dehydration and blood sugar ups and downs. This creates mood swings more frequently and those Hi and Lows with our energy levels. 

2) Drink More Water.
~ Most of us are chronically dehydrated. Before you go to sugar or caffeine, have a big tall glass of water… wait a few minutes and see what happens.
~ Focus on drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water a day.
~ Staying hydrated also curbs the appetite. A lot of times we feel we are hungry and it’s really dehydration.
~ Be Aware… Soft drinks are now America’s number one source of added sugar.

3) Eat dark leafy green vegetables.
~ Greens are full of vitamins and nutrients and great for improving circulation, lifting your spirit, purifying the blood and strengthening the immune system. 
~ Green is associated with Spring time. Spring is a time for renewal. It boosts our energy and it’s refreshing.
~ Broccoli, Collards, Kale, Arugula, Bok Choy, and Mustard Greens are all excellent choices.

4) Watch your sugar intake.
~ Avoid sugar and chemical artificial sweeteners.
~ Try eating sweet vegetables like beets, carrots and yams.

5) Get some Physical Activity.
~ Start with simple activities.
~ Try walking or gentle yoga.
~ Move your body and sweat a little.
~ Start with 10 minutes a day and work your way up.
~ Eventually, focus a getting the heart rate up a bit.
~ Do physical activities that make you happy. If this is all new to you, it’s time to figure out what you enjoy!

6) Get more sleep and rest and relaxation.
~ When you are tired or stressed, your body will crave energy.
~ Pay attention to how much sleep you get and take time to rest if you feel it’s needed.
~ Try a quick power nap in the afternoon to revive the body.

7) Take a little inventory on how much animal food you eat.
~ When you eat too much meat, dairy, chicken, and eggs can lead to low energy.
~ So can eating too little!
~ Experiment with your food, maybe incorporate meatless Monday, or not having animal products with every meal.

8) Take time for yourself.
~ Don’t feel guilty about this! So Important!
~ Take a walk, a bath, watch your favorite movie, or whatever you enjoy that makes you happy. 

9) Get in touch with your spiritual side.
~ We are all spiritual beings in a physical world. 
~ Find fun and creative ways to get in touch with your spiritual side.
~ Try meditating, dancing, being outside in nature, drawing, or read a spiritual book.

10) Ged rid of the toxic relationships in your life.
~ People can drain your energy. It doesn’t make them bad people, but it’s important to pay attention to who drains your energy and why.
~ Take time to set boundaries and remember to always protect yourself and your energy.


Live Healthy, Feel Fearless and Be Free!


Love & Gratitude,



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