Can you look in the mirror at yourself and say…
I Love You!

Have you ever tried it?
If so… Did it feel weird?

Instead of saying to yourself…
I need to lose 20 pounds.
I wish my nose was smaller.
I wish I was prettier.
I want smaller legs and bigger boobs.

Just focus on being happy! 

Focus on feeling great. 
Pay attention to the qualities you love about yourself.
Not everything you dislike.

When we focus on numbers and sizes we don’t give ourselves space to feel better.
We won’t notice the small shifts that are taking place. 
When you come from a place of hate or shame, it will propel you right down the same path. 

When we come from a place of love and compassion, the opposite will happen.
You’ll start to feel better.
You’ll notice the subtle changes.
You’ll start to break free from the unhealthy cycles you’ve created in the past.

In my 8 Limbs of Yoga group Ahimsa has been our theme this month.
This Yama and principle is all about love and compassion towards ourselves and others.
You can still join the group here: >>

How we speak to ourselves and others. 
Why we feel the way we feel.
Do we think before we speak.
Is what we’re doing harming.
Are we leading with love and compassion.

Think about that before you want to speak harmful to yourself.
Be kind to yourself.
Treat yourself with compassion.

Create change if you feel you need to.
Change is great. It’s healthy.
Just don’t do harm to yourself in the process. 

Enjoy the rest of your week and do something nice for yourself. 

Love you all!

Your biggest supporter.


Love & Gratitude,

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