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Live Free with Sheri Coaching

Are you ready to be part of the Self-Love and Wellness Revolution? Do you want to know what you will gain from coaching with Live Free with Sheri?  You will find happiness. You will learn to love yourself. You will feel empowered. You will let go of fear. You will start to heal from the inside out. You will find your true purpose and start living it.  Sign up with Live Free with Sheri for one-on-one coaching. Great news is… I can work with you no matter where you live so become part of the Power Posse today!


  • One 60 minute session~ $125
  • Three 60 minute sessions~ (over 2 months) You invest $350 + (save $25)
  • Six 60 minute sessions~ (over 4 months) You invest $675 + (save $75)
One 60-minute One-on-One Coaching Session
Three 60-minute One-on-One Coaching Sessions
Six 60-minute One-on-One Coaching Sessions


Love & Gratitude,


Contact Live Free with Sheri with any questions. 

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