Happy Monday Self-Love and Wellness Tribe! 

I love, love, love this topic and it makes me laugh my ASS off!
Would You Date Yourself?

Winter time is a time of year when we are supposed to slow down and take a chill pill. For a lot of us this is not easy to do. Especially for me!! I don’t chill well at all.

There is a reason that we move slower in the winter, we crave comfort food, or we want to sit on the couch under a big warm blanket. 

For me this time of year stirs up a lot of emotions and makes me very frustrated and agitated. Even though I continue my regular workouts, I watch my nutrition, I try and get plenty of sleep, and pay attention to my self-care. I find I’m constantly having an internal battle with myself.

The other night I was craving pizza, and of course I completely overate. Instead of feeling happy and full, I felt pissed off and grouchy. The guilt sets in, and my boyfriend didn’t hear the end of it.  Hahaha! It’s not his fault I overate! 

We have to be kind to ourselves, especially this time of year. Allow yourself to indulge a little, and don’t feel guilty about it or blame anyone else. Watch your nutrition, take time to slow down and rest. Move your body and treat yourself with compassion.

By the time Spring rolls around you’ll be saying… “F@ck Yeah I would date me!” 

Have an awesome week! Live Healthy, Feel Fearless, Be Free!


Love & Gratitude,

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